21 December, 2007

No-risk Cancellation

Are you thinking about subscribing to English Toolbox, but afraid that it will be difficult to unsubscribe later when you no longer want to continue buying exercises? Let us assure you that canceling your subscription requires only a few mouse clicks, and that none of our customers has ever been charged again once they’ve cancelled. So why not try us out and subscribe for one month (which will give you ten credits to use for downloads)? If you like us, do nothing and you’ll get another ten credits a month later (virtually all of our customers continue their subscriptions past the initial month). If you decide you don’t want to keep subscribing, simply cancel your subscription using the links in Manage your account/Member Start Area/Edit your subscription. Of course, if you have any remaining credits when you unsubscribe, you’ll still be able to use them whenever you wish until they’re all gone. Contact us with any questions you may have about this process.

17 December, 2007

This Week's Contest: What Do You Hate to Teach?

We extended our last contest on motivating students for a few extra days because the volume of submissions was exceedingly light. Is this because people are taking a break for the holidays, or because no one really knows how to motivate students who have become discouraged? Of the handful of replies we received, we chose this one from Mike R. in Morocco: "When I have a student who feels s/he is not making progress learning English, I sit down with her/him and go to the first chapters of our coursebook that we completed many months ago. I remind him/her that this was challenging at the time, but that s/he now understands it and can apply it in regular usage. It often helps to see just how far one has come already." A good reminder for us all, Mike: you win five free English Toolbox credits!

For our next contest, tell us what part of your curriculum you dread teaching. Is it a grammar point, a Business English skill, or something else? The most vexing teaching moments will win the person who writes in five free credits, even if s/he isn't a subscriber. Send your e-mails to info@englishtoolbox.com by early January.

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