24 April, 2009

ET on italki

Selected English Toolbox exercises are now available to members of italki.com, a leading ESL social networking site. The materials will include grammar worksheets as well as Business English exercises for negotiations, logistics, meetings, etc.

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14 April, 2009

English "Pandemic" in Korea

This guest editorial in the Korea Times is in a similar vein to our earlier post about unqualified teachers looking to work overseas. Sample quote:

It is the Korean parents' crazy obsession with English that drives up the cram school fees; it is their obsession that creates such trouble for the government's education branch to rationally allocate their already-strained budget; and, finally, it is their obsession that leads Korea to be looked-down-upon as a Plan B by those "native English speakers" who miserably fail in their own lives. The parents with such wrong attitudes are to be blamed for the pandemic.

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06 April, 2009

ET & Business English Pod

In addition to contributing our materials to various TEFL sites to aid their members/teachers, English Toolbox's staff have also written the script and supplementary materials for the latest Business English Pod podcast. It's called Telephoning: Handling Sales Calls. You can listen free on this page, or become a subscriber to their service to download both the podcast and the associated training worksheets.

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03 April, 2009

We're Here to Help!

If you have questions concerning our site, how to subscribe, how to navigate the site, etc., don't give up in frustration: simply write us at help@englishtoolbox.com. We strive to answer most questions immediately, or within a few hours at the latest.

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