27 October, 2009

Language Show Fair in London

The Language Show Fair in London bills itself as “the UK’s biggest event for language learners, language teachers, linguists and everyone who loves language.”  This year’s fair starts 30 October, runs for two days, and features 185 exhibitors; details here.

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18 October, 2009

Teach English for $2.37 Per Hour!

Does that sound like an attractive offer to you? We didn't think so. Yet that's the price you are putting on your time when you spend 20 minutes searching for or writing a new exercise for your classes, compared to buying one for 79 cents from English Toolbox! With our detailed search engine, you can find exercises on any grammar or business skills topic in about ten seconds. Then select and download, and it's yours to use and keep forever! You're a hardworking teaching professional: isn't it time you started working smart instead of working hard?

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