29 December, 2009

What English Sounds Like to Non-Native Speakers

This is an Italian comic performing a rock video song using only gibberish English. Sure sounds like the real thing, even though there is barely an English word in it!


Happy holidays everyone.  As English Toolbox prepares to begin its fourth year in business, we thank all our present and past customers for their support and encouragement.  See you in 2010!

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23 December, 2009

Adverbs of Frequency Video

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14 December, 2009

Modals Video

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11 December, 2009

China Bans Older Teachers

The Chinese government has apparently decided to no longer renew visas or extend contracts to English teachers over the age of 60. Dumping experienced teachers isn’t usually the best policy for countries trying to jump-start their language training, but maybe there’s some inscrutable rationale behind this decision... .

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01 December, 2009


A very nice, brief description of how and why to become a TEFL trainer.  It’s a bit Anglo-centric, but at least it stipulates that training is essential to a neophyte teacher.

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