31 August, 2009

British Council Lists Top 75 English Words

The top ten are:
1. Love 2. God 3. Peace 4. Awesome 5. Hello 6. Freedom 7. Gorgeous 8. Sunshine 9. Health 10. Happiness
The complete list is here.

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25 August, 2009

And You Thought You'd Been Hired to Teach English

From a TESOL.org press release:

As the global association for English language educators, TESOL values individual language rights, collaboration in a global community, and respect for diversity and multiculturalism. TESOL strongly opposes bullying, harassment, and hate crimes... TESOL supports:
• Development of educational practices by TESOL professionals to assist students and scholars experiencing bullying, harassment, and hate crimes;
• Development of educational practices by TESOL professionals to teach majority-group members the value of diversity and of the human and civil rights of minorities;
• Creation of opportunities by TESOL professionals for members of minority groups to educate their peers;
• Encouragement by TESOL professionals of appreciation and respect for those who do not look/behave like the majority.

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18 August, 2009

Malaysia Drops English Language Teaching

At least, they drop it for teaching maths and science. According to this article:
The plan was intended to produce a new generation of global communicators, but government officials say it has stalled attainment and exposed a dearth of teachers able to deliver classes in English.

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11 August, 2009

Teaching in Japan Blog

A very entertaining (and somewhat snarky) blog called "Let's Japan" keeps EFL teachers in the Land of the Rising Sun updated on legal, lifestyle and pedagogical issues. English Toolbox doesn't vouch for the accuracy of the facts and opinions offered: we just enjoy reading them! Draw your own conclusions here.

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08 August, 2009

Top Lesson Plans Downloaded in 2009

English Toolbox not only sells individual EFL exercises and MP3 podcasts, but also complete lesson plans in PDF format. Each is at least ten pages long, and can occupy several class periods (they cost five credits each). Here are the most downloaded lesson plans of the year thus far:
Presentations Q and A

Business E-mails
E-mail Workshop

Socializing & Small Talk
To quickly find them in our search engine, select "Lesson Plans (PDF Only)" in the "File Type" pull-down menu.

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04 August, 2009

EFL Training Videos from BEP

In addition to their fine audio podcasts, Business English Pod also provides some good, free, short video podcasts on various grammar topics. Here's one on the passive voice:

More on their web site.

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