30 November, 2008

The Year of the Mouse

The Walt Disney Co. begins opening English-language schools for children in China, starting in Shanghai:

The small English-immersion classes are given by tutors from North America and bilingual assistants at the school on Maoming Road with seven charming theme rooms. There's singing, interactive games, role-play and plenty of fun.

The classes are open to students aged two to 10. Classes average only 12 and each child receives individual attention.

The program includes relevant vocabulary, sentence patterns and common topics in daily Chinese conversation.

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19 November, 2008

Oregon Voters Reject Limits on Bi-Lingual Teaching

In a surprise that runs counter to other states' examples, Oregon rejected a referendum that would have limited the amount of time that a student could be taught in his/her L1. Below the article are the usual comments from xenophobic morons who know nothing about TESOL, or probably anything else for that matter.

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01 November, 2008

Lesson Plans in PDF Format

We keep adding to our collection of full-length lesson plans, all in PDF format. We've just added another one for teaching Business English e-mails at an intermediate level. Just select "Lesson Plans (PDF only)" in the "File Type" window on our search page to see all the lesson plans available.

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