29 January, 2009

Koreans Teach ESL in Cali to Mexicans

Temporarily, as part of a training program that runs for four weeks in San Bernardino, California:

The teachers will attend workshops and seminars presented by the Cal State faculty from the College of Education along with teaching practicums. The teachers will present mini-lessons to their group and instructors and visit a San Bernardino elementary school to observe English as a Second Language programs... After watching the ESL program, the teachers will present a lesson plan in English to the Spanish-speaking elementary students.

All of the teachers are employed as EFL teachers in Korean schools.

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21 January, 2009

Obama English Big in Japan

The new president's speeches, in English, are a huge hit in Japan. But will the average conversation level move beyond "Hello, how are you, I am fine, thanks"?

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17 January, 2009

English to Become Compulsory in Japanese Elementary Classes

The new law takes effect in 2011, but will undoubtedly lead to lots of new jobs for TEFL teachers. Here's how it is intended to work:

The younger children pick up natural English pronunciation and rhythms through songs and games; older children focus on actual communication. In each class is an ALT [native speaker] and a teacher paid by the ward office--but the homeroom teacher is in charge.

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08 January, 2009

Good Advice for Newbies

A good series of articles directed at potential first-time TEFL teachers. We particularly liked this spot-on description:

Perhaps the largest misconception among those entering the field is that this is job set up for the amusement of white English speakers, created in order to enable them to travel. I have worked with undergrads who have never had a real job and come in without an idea of what true responsibility entails. Or how about aging divorcee men looking to get it on with third-world women while having no respect for the culture or the children they're teaching.

Look at the top of the left frame to find the links for Parts 2 & 3.

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