20 March, 2010

Young Americans Flock Overseas to Teach English

Ahhh, how well we remember the joys:

He works at least eight hours daily, then parties by night, often into the wee hours, with other expatriates, most from the U.S. or Canada, but some from Britain, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand. He goes to a gym daily, swills SoJu, a stiff vodka-like drink, fills up on Korean barbeque and sees "amazing" sights.

"I am not an English major, and people in America would not want me to teach their kids English... what I am good at and enjoy doing is helping kids become successful at something."

He adds: "I came to live out a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I won’t have the opportunity to do again when I have a real job."

Teaching English overseas--not a "real job," but an adventure... .

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18 March, 2010

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01 March, 2010

We Get Letters!

Thanks to all those who have written us over the past three years to offer suggestions, make comments, or just to thank us for the high quality of materials in the English Toolbox library.  Usually the theme of the e-mail is something like, "I needed something very specific for a class, and you had it!"  Our aim, as always, is to please, and it pleases us that we fill a niche in the ESL training market.  We pledge to continue meeting your needs as we enter our fourth year in business!

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